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Always start with a blank canvas!

We decorate lots of events, and meet lots of lovely people in doing so. Everyone has an idea in their head of what look they want to achieve as an end result. It might be a family gathering and sets of helium balloons will look perfect in the middle of a table or it might be a wedding reception and warrant a fully laden table with a huge centrepiece and lots of sparkly glasses to add an elegant touch.

But what most people fail to remember is the very basic starting point of any centrepiece or display is a table cloth or some table covering. 

It doesn't have to be anything lavish and expensive if the budget doesn't run to cotton table cloths but it's the starting point of any decor that most people tend to forget. 

It's the blank canvas that creativity is set upon. It covers up unsightly screw holes, water marks and scratches and can add that additional touch of colour and brightness to a room rather than the dark wood of most venue tables.

So a perfect soloution is a roll of plastic banqueting table covering. It  offers a clean and crease free look. The roll is 101cm wide and comes on a roll of 30m. It can be cut to fit most rectangular bar/pub tables and the softness of it allows it to drape down. Cut into a square they also sit perfectly on small round tables. 

Don't get caught out though, it won't fit the larger round tables at venues and don't buy the round plastic table covers that you find on most selling sites. Sadly they give you the exact opposite look. Once you've managed to open the packaging and eventually prized the tables cloth apart, you're left with a covering that you could quite easily play a game of Chess on.

So if you're spending money on Decor, remember your blank canvas. 

The photos shown are of a recent Christening at Goole Town Cricket Club where we used a roll of pale pink plastic banqueting table covering. 

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