• Let's Celebrate - Angela

Autumnal Organic Arch

With autumn fast approaching we decided to use new techniques and rich golden, burgundy and brown colours to make his stunning organic arch. 

It's seen here positioned in all its glory at the Event Open Day on Saturday 30th September at The Capricorn Restaurant and Bar, Aire Street, Goole.

The colours mixed with garlands of roses and winter berries set against the brick walls of the restaurant set this off perfectly. 

The Capricorn, a unique underground restaurant, is newly refurbished, and can seat over 150 people.  It's great to see places revamped and given a new lease of life.  I just hope the local community uses this place and it becomes a roaring success for the owners. Too many pubs, bars and restaurants close these days as people travel out of town. 

I love the motto 'Use it or loose it' and that needs to be the case for the following places, 

The Lowther, The Coach House, The Drake, and The Capricorn, all in the same vicinity, all catering for different types of clientele,  and all recently refurbished!

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