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Michelle and Nick... a holiday to the UK where they find their perfect wedding flowers!

Michelle and Nick met 4 years ago in New Zealand after she moved there with her family nearly 11 years ago. Michelle originally lived in Leconfield, just outside of Beverley.  

They got engaged 2 days before they came to visit the UK in 2016. Nick hadn't been to the UK and Europe so it was the perfect time for him to meet the rest of, in Michelle's own words "my crazy family 😉". They were here in the UK for 4 weeks it was Michelle's Uncle that suggested she visit Bridal Oasis in Goole. So Michelle, along with her Aunt and Cousin, who live in Howden, went along to be the judges, and Michelle found her perfect wedding dress.

Whilst she was trying on all the beautiful dresses her Aunt kept passing her bouquet after bouquet of  flowers that were on our display. Michelle said "They were so beautiful and realistic that i kept smelling them to which everyone chuckled and told me they were artificial. I was blown away."

Once Michelle and Nick were back home in New Zealand, the wedding planning started. Michelle kept showing Nick photos of the flowers she had seen and our Facebook page, in the end she thought she would see if it was at all possible for us to do their wedding flowers.  Michelles mum was heading over to visit the family in the UK a month after they got back and was picking up her dress as they had to leave our trip earlier than expected. 

That's when I met Michelle's mum and Aunt and the rest is history. With just a couple of requirements from the groom of no foliage and not too much greenery as it "freaks him out" I managed to create the perfect bouquets, button holes and corsages and I shipped them over to New Zealand for their wedding on 25th March 2017. The wedding was held in private gardens in Nick's home town of Timaru, South Canterbury. They had family fly over from the UK for the big day, including the Aunt and Uncle from Howden. 

Michelle and Nick are heading back to the UK in November and I look forward to meeting someone who I've only ever spoken to via the powers of Facebook.  

Thank you to Michelle for the quotes and allowing me to share your story 😍 Angela xx

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