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Planning a Christening? 💙💕😍

It’s your little ones christening, it’s Sunday Morning, you’ve got up early, it’s cold and raining outside, you’ve got the bread to butter, sandwich fillings to make, sausage rolls to get in the over, Nana A and Uncle B arrive to help too, the house is getting a bit hectic, then it’s time for a shower, hair to do, maybe catch a bit of breakfast and a cup of tea, iron that top you forgot to do last night, pack the car up with the buffet, deliver that to the venue, oh then there’s the balloons to collect from the shop, get them to the venue without any of them bursting, you get there and they are all tangled up and 1 of them has burst....... and not forgetting you’ve a baby needing to to be fed and changed. That is just a few of the long list jobs needed to be done on the morning of a Christening. If you book us to do your balloons, we ask you to confirm with the venue what time we can arrive. We then turn at the venue at an agreed time with our helium canister, balloons, weights, and box of equipment. We blow the balloons up at the venue, attach them to weights and place them on the tables for you. If any burst while we are there, we replace them so when we leave you get what you have paid for. If you know anyone who is planning a christening, tell them how we can help, they may be very grateful to know how we can help them with their special celebration 💙💕😍 

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