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What’s new...... we’ve moved premises!

It was a long and hard decision but we have moved our business back home and so we are no longer based within Bridal Oasis. The ever increasing popularity of the Internet means that we don’t really need a base, more and more customers are happy to deal with bookings over the phone or via messanger. The majority of our work is one site at a venue or it’s just me sat alone in the craft/work room prepping for the next function or designing and cutting with the radio on for company, so moving back home was the most ideal solution for our business.

We moved back home before Christmas but didn’t see the need to make such a big issue about it as Sharon and the Bridal Oasis team have still be forwarding on all messages and we often pop in for lunch, and we’ve still got some of our items on display in the shop. 

But today, we’ve spent time updating the web site and finding out about this new fantastic App that we can have that runs along with our web site, so we thought we’d use this opportunity to let you all know that we’ve moved and another way to keep updated with what we get up to.

So, it’s still in the initial stages , there might be a few hiccups along the way, but we’d love you to join us and put this new App to the test. 

Keep a look out for more updates, what we’ve been getting up to and hopefully you’ll enjoy the addition to the social media craze.


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